We Are The Doe

The Doe is a media and tech company creating paths to improved civil discourse.

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We Are The Doe

We’re passionate about changing the way people engage with content on the web. There is no room for respectful disagreement and unfiltered discussion. And when you tack on social media algorithms, internal biases and a 24-hour news cycle, echo chambers are all but inescapable. That’s why we created a space for unfiltered stories—to promote open-minded interactions and repair civil discourse.

It’s time to make ourselves uncomfortable, because that’s where change happens.


- Leo, Editorial Designer

The Team

The Doe is a place for shared values and different perspectives—our team is no exception. Each member of our global crew brings meaningful experience to the table, helping us move forward and live our mission of civil discourse.

Fully remote doe-workers
Countries we call home
Cities where work happens
Languages spoken

- Colin, Editor-In-Chief

Work With Us

We’re always looking for talented people to join our company! Our crew spans the globe, with employees in countries like Canada, the US and New Zealand. A gig with The Doe is no laughing matter—our work requires us to push boundaries and question everything—but that’s not to say we don’t love a good dad joke now and again.


- Ella, Social Media Coordinator

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