We Are The Doe

We Are The Doe

Our world encourages us to engage with what we know and reject what we don’t understand. And when you tack on social media algorithms, internal biases and a 24-hour news cycle, echo chambers are all but inescapable. It’s time to break free. We’re passionate about changing the way people engage with content on the web. That’s why we created a space for unfiltered stories—to promote open-minded interactions and repair civil discourse.

It’s time to make ourselves uncomfortable, because that’s where change happens.

Real Stories, Real People

We publish unfiltered, verified stories from anonymous sources—drawing attention to a broad spectrum of viewpoints that encourage readers to confront their own biases.

Read narratives you wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to through traditional media outlets, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

The Stories You Want to Hear

...And some you don’t. Learning to understand different perspectives means stepping out of your comfort zone.

We publish hundreds of unfiltered personal narratives, along with resources for improving civil discourse, so there’s always new ways to challenge yourself.

Stories to Promote Understanding

What we are able to share here are honest, anonymous stories. We are excited to bring this to you in a time of great cultural change.

By emphasizing the safe and unbiased sharing of different values and worldviews, we encourage everyone reading to be part of a new awareness, driven by mutual respect and empathy.


The Team

The Doe is a place for shared values and different perspectives—our team is no exception. Each member of our global crew brings meaningful experience to the table, helping us move forward and live our mission of civil discourse.

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- Colin, Editor-In-Chief

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