Our Mission

Challenge the way people engage with new ideas and each other

The Big Six media conglomerates are attempting to use algorithms and data to make you participate in a sort of 21st century groupthink.

The Doe believes it is time to break free of those constraints. We release one new story each week, an anonymous narrative that is unfiltered, honest and allows readers to confront their biases. The Doe was founded to give a platform to lesser-known, often marginalized stories. Find your story here.

Anonymous, Verified Stories

It starts with authenticity. The Doe is a place where anybody can feel safe to share their story and discuss alternative viewpoints—anonymously. And The Doe uses a proprietary system to guarantee the authors of our stories are who they say they are: We are committed to accessible, unrestrained conversation.

The Doe is proud to grant ownership of stories to our authors—so that they may publish them elsewhere if they choose—after a short exclusivity period. The discourse may start on The Doe but it doesn't end here.

Our Vision

Honest Discourse Allows Us to Develop.

Challenging Ideas Open Our Minds.

Find Your Story Here at The Doe.

We Build For Truth

We've designed a destination for sincerity, where selected contributors share personal experiences and opinions anonymously.

We Strive For Understanding

The Doe challenges the way people understand one another by providing access to unfiltered perspectives that encourage everyone to challenge their viewpoints.

We Know The Rules Are Broken

Respectful civil discourse has crumbled. The Doe is a place for truthful and open exploration of the human experience, without judgment.

We're Here To Help Find A Balance

Here, you'll get exposed to transparent perspectives that can ignite productive understanding.