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September 2020

The System

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What's Good

To say this year has sucked would be an understatement. But amidst the hot dumpster fire that is 2020, we're looking for a silver lining.

Acts of Kindness

My Life Was Miserable Until I Escaped to Care for Lions in Zimbabwe

Lion Lover Writer Moderate Gen X
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Hungry for Music
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In a Small Window of Time, My Acupuncturist Changed My Life

Original Cowgirl Writer Socialist Undisclosed

As My Son Fought for His Life, Other People Made All the Difference

Manumit Project Manager Progressive Millennial

Only a True Friend Drives You 300 Miles to Your Grandfather's Funeral

ChristmasLover710 Writer Moderate Millennial

I Was Followed on the Subway and a Stranger Saved Me

Campho-Phenique Educator Undisclosed Millennial
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The Left’s Intolerance Has Solidified My Support for Trump

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What's Good

To say this year has sucked would be an understatement. But amidst the hot dumpster fire that is 2020, we're looking for a silver lining.

Acts of Kindness

State of the Union

It’s perhaps the most contentious and consequential election in modern American history: As Biden and Trump square off, The Doe jumps into the debate.


The System

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Portland. Chicago. Lafayette Square. As cities across the United States grapple with protests, unrest and rebellion, The Doe takes a deep dive into justice and the system.


Subject Matters

Reading, writing and arithmetic ain’t what it used to be a decade ago—or even a few months ago.


What She Said

It’s difficult to articulate what it's like being a woman. Hell, even the spelling of the word is cause for discussion (we see you, womxn).


Four Letter Word

Love: A lot of songs, poems and multi-volume treatises have been devoted to the subject. So, in these strange days when we could use it the most, what’s left to say about the strongest of human emotions?  Plenty.


Head Space

Chances are you’ve been on your own rollercoaster ride with mental health recently. The Doe is here for you. 

Mental Health

Common Ground

The environment is a constant in the news, but even more so of late. Climate change, the Australian wildfires and, of course, the spread of a global, animal-borne disease have most of us thinking about our planet in unfamiliar ways.


On the Record

We’re very proud of our particular and deliberate themes at The Doe. They cover a broad range of topics, ones that we feel are crucial to discourse in the world today. But still!