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It’s difficult to articulate what it's like being a woman. Hell, even the spelling of the word is cause for discussion (we see you, womxn).

Ladies Beware: I Didn’t Have Cancer, It Was Fibroids

Nefertiti Producer Progressive Gen X
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Why Do I Feel Guilty After Sex? My Christian Upbringing, That’s Why

Cary Donen Writer Progressive Millennial

My Abusive Relationship Story: I Don’t Blame My Abuser or Myself

English Writer Progressive Millennial

Can We Go Beyond Gender?

Legion Artist Nihilist Millennial

Vaginismus, Casual Sex and Me

Ginger Writer Progressive Millennial

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Why Women in Remote Jobs Still Aren’t Safe From Sexual Harassment

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What It Was Like Being a Stripper

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Do We Repeat Our Parents’ Mistakes? Yes. That's Okay.

LadyScribe75 Writer Progressive Gen X

My Poop Horror Story: How I Hid a Turd From My Boyfriend

Ida A1 Educator Progressive Millennial

I Had Trouble Getting Pregnant, Until the Coronavirus

Jones Writer Progressive Millennial

My Mother Works, My Father Stays at Home

Theodosia Writer Progressive Millennial

It’s About Time We Start Explaining Menstruation to Boys

CheezQueen Administration Manager Undisclosed Millennial

My Risky Road to Becoming a Mother

The People’s Health Author Progressive Baby Boomer

I’m a Mixed-Race Female Who Has Been Hypersexualized Into a Corner

The Unwanted Truth Writer Undisclosed Millennial

I’m a Pro-Life Woman Fighting for Compassion

Thalia Rose Pastoral Counselor Moderate Millennial

I Was Fired for Being Gay, but Now I'm Free

Boondocks Delivery Driver Progressive Millennial

Having an Orgasm During Rape: I Believed the Myth and Sought Violent Sex

Marla Journalist Socialist Millennial

I’m Bored. Should We Have a Baby?

Lucile Writer Progressive Millennial

I Am a Muslim Woman and I Am Victim of Toxic Masculinity

Sinead Z Journalist Socialist Millennial

I Had an Affair When I Was Younger: Here’s What I Learned

Lemon Lady Classroom Assistant Undisclosed Millennial

What a Botched Surgery Has Taught Me About Gender Identity

GenderAlchemist Teacher Progressive Millennial

Why I’m Glad My Husband Has Terminal Cancer

Tinkerbell Writer Progressive Millennial

Ban Rape Scenes in Movies and on TV Now

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Being a Stay-at-Home Mom: Still Not Fair in 2020

Notsocarolbrady Writer Moderate Millennial

My At-Home Abortion Was on a Zoom Call With My Boss

Anushka Jones Digital Consultant Libertarian Millennial

I Didn't Understand Allyship Until I Stopped Dating White Men

MixedKid Being Human Progressive Millennial

What Compulsive Shopping Taught Me About Body Image

Big Blonde Writer Progressive Gen X

Hey, Sweetie: The Complicated World of Catcalling in 2020

E.S. Wilder Writer Progressive Millennial

That Time I Was Called Both Sir and Ma’am at the Store

Boondocks Delivery Driver Progressive Millennial

As a Female Line Cook, I’ve Seen Plenty of Nut Sacks

Shit Load of Capricorn Director of Marketing Moderate Millennial

I Survived My Gaslighting Family, but I'm Still Getting Over It

Logophile Writer Progressive Millennial

Navigating Sexism in Tech as a Female Startup Founder

S. Nion CEO Socialist Millennial

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State of the Union

It’s perhaps the most contentious and consequential election in modern American history: As Biden and Trump square off, The Doe jumps into the debate.


The System

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Portland. Chicago. Lafayette Square. As cities across the United States grapple with protests, unrest and rebellion, The Doe takes a deep dive into justice and the system.


Subject Matters

Reading, writing and arithmetic ain’t what it used to be a decade ago—or even a few months ago.


Four Letter Word

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Chances are you’ve been on your own rollercoaster ride with mental health recently. The Doe is here for you. 

Mental Health

Common Ground

The environment is a constant in the news, but even more so of late. Climate change, the Australian wildfires and, of course, the spread of a global, animal-borne disease have most of us thinking about our planet in unfamiliar ways.


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We’re very proud of our particular and deliberate themes at The Doe. They cover a broad range of topics, ones that we feel are crucial to discourse in the world today. But still!