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George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Portland. Chicago. Lafayette Square. As cities across the United States grapple with protests, unrest and rebellion, The Doe takes a deep dive into justice and the system.

White Supremacy Still Reigns in Silicon Valley

Cucker Tarlson Executive Progressive Baby Boomer
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I’ve Been Radicalized by the Coronavirus Lockdown

Shipyard Creative Socialist Millennial

It’s Pretty Simple: Black Lives Matter

CountryCityGirl Writer Progressive Millennial

I Was Traumatized by the LAPD; It’s Happening All Over Again

Dom Receptionist Moderate Millennial

Rural America Sees Black Men As Athletes, and Not Much More

Joshua Grant Academic Service Professional Progressive Millennial

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Vader 7 Program Director Moderate Gen X

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Jazz Work and Occupational Safety and Health Specialist Moderate Baby Boomer

The Traumatic Impact of the Foster Care System: A New American Slavery

Ernestina & Griot Visual Artist & Executive Director at Nonprofit Progressive & Progressive Millennial & Gen X

Me Too Behind Bars: I Was Constantly Abused by Prison Guards

Cy and Ro Organizer Progressive Millennial

Judge, Please Send Me to Prison: A Victim’s Role in the Criminal Justice System

For The People Senior Deputy District Attorney Moderate Millennial

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nokink Writer Socialist Gen X

The People vs. the Red Hand of China: Documenting the Hong Kong Protests

SodaWater Photographer Libertarian Millennial

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Johnnie Gunn Musician Anarchist Gen X

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Sor Community Organizer Undisclosed Millennial

Why I Became a Public Defender and Why It’s a Privilege

Ivan N Attorney Socialist Millennial

My Husband Is a Cop: Fund, Don’t Defund, the Police

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Israel Treats Palestinians How Americans Treat Black People

PinkyRose Content Writer Progressive Millennial

I Was a Gang Member and Now I’m Finally Free

Cas Transformational Coach Progressive Millennial

Standing Up: I Was in a Gang, Imprisoned and Now I Finally Have My Life Back

Dragon Juice Alumni Coordinator Progressive Millennial

A Day in the Life of a CPS Social Worker: It’s a Mess

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Number Ten and Me: How I Bonded With a Juror Who Convicted Me of a Felony

Full Circle Executive Director Undisclosed Millennial

I See the Results of Human Trafficking Every Day

Manumit Project Manager Progressive Millennial

Letter From South Africa: There Is No Justice for Victims of Pedophilia

Rectitude Abbey Marketing Consultant Socialist Millennial

Life as a Female Police Officer in 2020

Elephant Police Officer Libertarian Millennial

I’m a Member of George Floyd’s Family and I Have a Message for You

We Want To Be Equal Small Business Owner Moderate Gen X

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Mental Health

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