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State of the Union State  of  the  Union 

It’s perhaps the most contentious and consequential election in modern American history: As Biden and Trump square off, The Doe jumps into the debate.

Right to Left: How a Health Scare Made Me Go From Being a Republican to a Socialist

Miss Marxist Journalist Socialist Millennial
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Why I’m Not Voting in 2020

Norman Writer Conservative Millennial

I Used to Want Religion Out of Government; Now I Want God Back In

Asymptote Writer Progressive Millennial

The Two-Party System Must Die: Why I’m Fiercely Independent

Lifetime Resident of Upstate NY & NYC People Gatherer Socialist Millennial

I’m an Expat Watching My Country Burn From Afar

Judy F Freelancer Progressive Millennial

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I'm Black, Trans and Voting for Trump

UnspokenblackTruth56 Area Supervisor Conservative Gen Z

I Ingested Far-Right Propaganda; Here’s How I Learned to Spit It Out

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I’m a Veteran Activist and Protesting Needs to Change

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I Had a Front-Row Seat to the COVID-19 Culture Wars

MaxPower Court Attorney Progressive Millennial

I Debate Conservatives on Facebook and You Should, Too

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I Don’t Buy Trump’s Use of Christianity and Neither Should You

Maximillion Bloomfield Multimedia Storyteller Progressive Millennial

Living With My Conservative In-Laws Has Been a Huge Mistake

NerdHerdLeader Writer Socialist Millennial

We’re Best Friends, Co-Workers and on the Opposite Sides of the Political Spectrum

True Blue / Red Rover Advertising / Advertising Progressive / Conservative Millennial / Millennial

Donald Trump’s Fascism Made Me Love Guns Again

Having A Coke With You Artist Socialist Millennial

Dear Michelle Obama: A Letter From London

SWLondoner Documentary Researcher Progressive Millennial

Kamala Harris and Sex Workers: Can They Work Together in a Biden Presidency?

Indica Pluto Writer Nihilist Millennial

I Became Conservative Because of Rural Communities

Norman Arch Antiquities Merchant Conservative Millennial

Why Raising Money for Political Campaigns Is Undemocratic

Local Politics Communications Director Progressive Millennial

I Work in Texas Politics: We Have to Root Out Racism to Move Forward

Quinn Pro Quo Student Progressive Gen Z

I’m a Lifelong Republican and I’m Voting for Joe Biden

Irene221b Accountant Moderate Millennial

Working in Trump's Government Is Exactly as You'd Expect

Bartleby U.S. Government Employee Progressive Millennial

As a Foreign Citizen, I Always Believed in America—Until Now

Radar Advertising Progressive Gen X

I’m Not the Gun Owner You’d Expect: Why I’m for Sensible Gun Control Policies

Almost Doctor Austen Student Moderate Millennial

I’m Native American: Our Fundamental Voting Rights Are Under Attack

Frustrated Native Legal Progressive Millennial

Why I Vote Pro-Life: I Helped My State Outlaw Abortion

Bill GOP Politician Conservative Gen X

Inside the War Room: I Thought Democrats Could Get Better but Now I'm Not So Sure

FrownieFace Brand Strategist Socialist Millennial

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Fought to Imprison Me: I’m Still Voting for Them

From Xperience Producer Progressive Millennial

As a Female Trump Supporter, I Believe Feminism Is Selfish

Mistress of Darkness Veterinary Technician Conservative Millennial

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The System

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Portland. Chicago. Lafayette Square. As cities across the United States grapple with protests, unrest and rebellion, The Doe takes a deep dive into justice and the system.


Subject Matters

Reading, writing and arithmetic ain’t what it used to be a decade ago—or even a few months ago.


What She Said

It’s difficult to articulate what it's like being a woman. Hell, even the spelling of the word is cause for discussion (we see you, womxn).


Four Letter Word

Love: A lot of songs, poems and multi-volume treatises have been devoted to the subject. So, in these strange days when we could use it the most, what’s left to say about the strongest of human emotions?  Plenty.


Head Space

Chances are you’ve been on your own rollercoaster ride with mental health recently. The Doe is here for you. 

Mental Health

Common Ground

The environment is a constant in the news, but even more so of late. Climate change, the Australian wildfires and, of course, the spread of a global, animal-borne disease have most of us thinking about our planet in unfamiliar ways.


On the Record

We’re very proud of our particular and deliberate themes at The Doe. They cover a broad range of topics, ones that we feel are crucial to discourse in the world today. But still!