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We’re very proud of our particular and deliberate themes at The Doe. They cover a broad range of topics, ones that we feel are crucial to discourse in the world today. 

But still! The Doe is very much aware that not every story or idea can fit into a designated silo. And that’s why we created this category. Think of these narratives as the singles that an artist drops outside of a full LP. 

Here, we release the topical hot fire, irrespective of which theme we’re focusing on in a given month. 

Hold onto your butts. These are must-reads.

Will I Be Left to Die in a Second Coronavirus Wave?

BeneathTheSea Journalist Moderate Millennial

How I Deal With My Racist, White Family

Deedledeen Actor Progressive Millennial

More Narratives

I’ve Been Radicalized by the Coronavirus Lockdown

Shipyard Creative Socialist Millennial

How the Quarantine Brought Me Closer to God

Scrunchie Journalist Moderate Millennial

Police Brutality Against Blacks Is a Myth

Brilliant Blackman Journalist Undisclosed Gen X

It’s Pretty Simple: Black Lives Matter

CountryCityGirl Writer Progressive Millennial

I Was Traumatized by the LAPD; It’s Happening All Over Again

Dom Receptionist Moderate Millennial

Coronavirus, Bill Gates & Vaccines: How I Became a Conspiracy Theorist

Ben Long Writer Moderate Millennial
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