Mental Health

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Chances are you’ve been on your own rollercoaster ride with mental health recently. The Doe is here for you. 

Our narratives for this theme include a tale from inside the opioid crisis, grappling with an eating disorder during the COVID-19 lockdown and trying to say goodbye to a father by perusing YouTube comments. We hope you can find some solace and, perhaps, even joy within.

I Regret Having a Baby I Never Wanted

KEVIN S Journalist Progressive Millennial

When My Father Died, I Turned to YouTube for Online Grief Support

Kid A Copywriter Progressive Millennial

Life After Liver Transplant Surgery and the Great Unknown

Campo Assistant Professor Progressive Gen X

When My Parents Died, I Turned to Drugs and Alcohol

TootsieLilac Behavior Technician Conservative Millennial

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Doctor Chungo Audiovisual Technician Progressive Millennial

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ConcreteBushDoc Tea Merchant Libertarian Millennial

Five Years of Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: 50 Years a Victim

Lupton Writer Progressive Baby Boomer

Finding My Sanity Through the Mist: A Zen Koan

Woman Living with Bipolar Writer Progressive Millennial

I Left My Cushy Corporate Gig to Become a Stand-Up Comedian

Richard Murphy Comedian Progressive Millennial

The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous: Get Rid of God

Lupton Writer Progressive Baby Boomer

Mental Health Struggles as a Muslim: Bipolar in Indonesia

Yonarizal Hervan Writer Undisclosed Millennial

I Ignore Racism Today; You Should Too

Betty X Student Progressive Millennial
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