Your Story Matters

Your Story Matters

The Doe is a digital publication sharing anonymous, verified narratives to promote civil discourse. We are the place for people of all identities, backgrounds and beliefs to share personal experiences, blow whistles and spark meaningful conversation.

How It Works

We offer two ways to pitch your story to The Doe. Here’s how you can submit your story.

Pitching And Vetting


Send a short summary (1-2 paragraphs) of your narrative. Include a proposed alias and a sample headline that distills the idea into a few words.


We will review and verify your pitch. It may take a few days for us to get back to you.

Approvals and Writing

Drafting OR Interviewing

We get you onboarded and either share a link for you to submit your draft or schedule a recorded interview with you where we will draft your story.


We work with you directly to finalize, polish and publish your story.

Terms & Compensation


Monetary compensation via check, direct deposit or PayPal will be made within ten business days of publishing your narrative.

Narrative Rights

After three weeks of exclusivity on The Doe, you own your narrative and can republish it wherever you’d like, with or without your name attached to it.

Editorial Guidelines

You won’t find traditional articles on The Doe. We only publish verified personal narratives, and we edit exclusively for length and clarity.

What We Publish

Anonymous, first-person narratives.
Personal, verified non-fiction full of vivid anecdotes.

What We Do Not Publish

White papers
Academic papers
Traditional Op-Eds


Send narratives directly from the source (you!).
Submit writing that's personal, sincere, unfiltered and full of real, vivid anecdotes.
Write with your raw, authentic voice.
Keep drafts to between 800 and 1,400 words.
Read stories we’ve already published to get an idea of how to construct your narrative.


Pitch stories encouraging violence, harm or outing.
Submit poetry, traditional op-eds, fiction, longform or previously published work.
Share your identity or mention you’ve pitched a story on our social channels.

Share Your Story

We offer two ways to pitch your story to The Doe. Get started submitting your story below.

Submit Your Pitch

Submit a short summary of your idea through our secure form, and we’ll get back to you within 14 days.


Raise awareness, inspire change.


Keep your identity to yourself.


Let go by sharing your story with others.

Always Anonymous

The Doe will never confirm or deny your identity on our platforms, even if you choose to come forward with your story later. Publishing anonymously gives contributors a safe place to share important stories and removes external factors that might influence how a reader feels about the narrative. No preconceived notions or bias, just honest, unfiltered experiences.

Hear From Our Writers

Brilliant editors. Clear communication. Swift compensation. Thank you for the opportunity. *insert praying hands emoji*
Professor McIntosh III, ESQ., Contributor
Incredibly liberating. Not only did I get to share my narrative, but I was able to do so in a safe space that respected my privacy.
Quinn Pro Quo, Contributor
Super seamless. Felt like the future of publication.
A wonderful platform with a sophisticated and attentive editorial staff devoted to telling brave and anonymous stories.
Oswald Tinkleberry

Upcoming Curations

Don’t know what to write about? Explore our themes and curations for ideas and specific prompts. From Love and Mental Health to Politics, Justice, and dozens more topics you’ll be sure to get inspired.


August 2022
Up, up and away! Time to get out of the house with The Doe.

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