Manifestation Works—I’ve Seen It Firsthand
5 min read | Dec 2021

Manifestation Works—I’ve Seen It Firsthand

There’s power in speaking the life you want into existence.

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I didn’t grow up in an organized religion. Mom is Methodist, Dad’s Catholic, which meant my sister was baptized with one set of beliefs and I the other (something I still don’t understand to this day). We weren’t raised in a religious household, so the idea we needed to incorporate both theologies was lost on me, but I was fine with growing up in a house where we only attended church on Christmas and the occasional Easter.


My Spirituality Is Less Restrictive Than Religion

I was 24 years old when I realized spirituality made more sense to me, after regularly practicing and seeing positive results. I knew Christianity wasn’t for me when I noticed how restrictive religion is. Being spiritual means no restrictions on your beliefs like other faiths (e.g. Catholics and their stance on birth control); I don’t have to hop on the bandwagon because an old book says I have to. I believe in the Law of Attraction (or manifestation), the “belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life.” In other words, what you put into the universe comes back to you. 

Say you want $1,000. If you start believing you have that money by speaking it into existence, you’ll get that $1,000. There is no right or wrong way to manifest; you can chant, journal or visualize the life you want (I prefer to write down my favorite mantras several times a day, usually for money and success). No matter which method you choose, remember to visualize what you want as if you already have it. The idea is that it’s already out there—it just needs to find you. 

If you think this is a bunch of hocus-pocus, you wouldn’t be the first; however, my counterargument is, what set of religious ideas is proven with facts, not beliefs? The only proof a person can have is their own experience and that’s for them to interpret whether or not a higher being was involved. I’ve had plenty of people tell me what I believe is bullshit. I mean, I think the moon and stars gave me the life I have. If you believe in a religious figure to help guide you through hard times, or that a fat guy in a red suit delivers presents to you once a year, who am I to tell you that those things are fake and you’re stupid for trusting those ideas? (Well, I guess there is proof against the Santa Claus idea, but again, beliefs aren’t facts.)

I’m not here to invalidate your faith or dismiss the idea of a god. I’m not standing on a street corner passing out flyers and screaming into a microphone, trying to convert people. That isn’t my goal. I just want to share my experiences (and let people know manifesting is dope).

I’ve Spoken My Dream Job and Nice Weather Into Existence

I keep believing in manifestation because it keeps proving itself to me. I recently looked at my vision board for the first time in more than a year and realized about 90 percent of my dreams and ambitions came true (for the record, I hate saying things like, “My dreams came true.” It makes me feel like I’m in a Disney movie). Regardless, what I’ve put into the world has come back to me, and that makes me feel safe—like the universe has my back.

One of the greatest examples was getting my dream job, which I spent months speaking into existence. I journaled about how I had the job, it’s what I told strangers when they asked what I did for a living and I spoke it out loud to myself every morning and night. After patiently waiting, I got the job. Of course, I needed to put in the work. The universe can’t do that for you.

Then, there are simpler, less important moments like this: My family and I were going on our annual beach vacation, and the forecast called for rain the entire week. The week prior, we spent every day manifesting warm and sunny weather for our trip. It didn’t rain once while we were there. Chalk it up to coincidence, but I’m gonna keep telling the universe the weather forecast I want.


The Law of Attraction Helped Me Get a New Apartment

I also maintain the idea that when you’ve been dealt a shitstorm, you’re due for some good news. It may take some patience, but the good will come. Personally, I had to wait nearly five months. Talk about having patience. 

I broke up with my boyfriend, an addict, in June of this year. I was convinced I would marry this man. He convinced me of a lot of things: that he would pay me back after using my credit card because he “lost” his, or whatever bullshit excuse he used that day; that he had a job; that he was 28 when he really just celebrated his 30th birthday. 

He moved into my apartment six months into our relationship. I had to leave the apartment where I lived for five years because he lied about paying rent, so I owed my landlord $3,600. After weeks of searching, I signed a lease for an apartment that kept me waiting for a month while they renovated the unit. They gave me a temporary unit, complete with an unclean carpet, cockroaches and a leaky sink. I couldn’t bring myself to stay there, so I slept on an armchair at my friend’s apartment, where my cats scratched at the new paint job and ruined door frames, adding more damage to my tab. I kept reassuring myself good things would come, but I felt like, “Okay, so when do those show up?”

Then, I moved into my amazing apartment, paid for by someone else (a friend from a long time ago, with whom I shared a mutually beneficial relationship. I gave him great sex, and he provided funds to make my life easier. I got my money back that I paid to the shady landlord from the previous apartment. I live alone for the first time in my life, and I have a boyfriend who repeatedly shows he cares about me and doesn't convince me to love him; I just do. 

If you’re even considering manifesting or find it at all interesting, I encourage you to try it. If you think you didn’t get much out of it, then you spent a few minutes of your life journaling, but who knows? You may just wake up tomorrow with a fat bank account and the love of your life. 

PS: As I finished this, Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” started playing on my Spotify. If you’re not familiar, it’s about getting what you want because you say you want it. In my opinion, that’s no coincidence. It’s that damn universe again.

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