Coronavirus, Bill Gates & Vaccines: How I Became a Conspiracy Theorist
10 min read | Dec 2020

Coronavirus, Bill Gates & Vaccines: How I Became a Conspiracy Theorist

One man's evolution from supporting Obama to becoming a deep state believer who thinks Bill Gates is trying to sterilize us with his COVID-19 vaccine.

Ben Long / Millennial / Moderate / Writer

Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

The government and mainstream media, for the most part, don't want you to notice the smoke. And if you do, they'd have you believe that there is never fire. 

But smoke always rises. And there is fire. 

As a kid, I was taught to listen to authority. And to trust it. And to obey it. There were correct answers in class, and incorrect answers. There was rarely room for debate or differing opinions. And this is true to an extent. And helps to a degree.

But I remember asking questions that frustrated teachers. I remember having thoughts and opinions that I couldn't write down on exams if I wanted a good grade. So, over time, I started to suppress what I thought and started to adopt what I was told—unquestioningly.

It was easier that way.

The problem is that I took these habits into my early adulthood. I even took them into college. It took a while for me to grow out of it and start thinking for myself. 


I Wasn’t Always a Conspiracy Theorist

In high school, I campaigned for over 100 hours for the first Obama presidential campaign. Perhaps I was influenced by mainstream media coverage, perhaps not. But I know my support and admiration of him was largely superficial. “Hope and Change,” right?

I wasn't asking questions. I wasn't challenging what I was told. I didn't understand the one-sidedness of the mainstream media. Or the financial interests that backed the main networks. I just believed what I heard. 

Four years later, I was in college. And my views had started to shift. I was studying political science and philosophy, and began fostering critical thinking skills and inductive reasoning abilities. With the exception of a particularly liberal professor, I was being encouraged to share my opinions, ask any questions and debate with my classmates. And so I enjoyed college for the most part. It was useful. I learned a lot. 

My positions began to change on many issues, and I floated to somewhere in the center of the political spectrum. I was no longer enamored with Obama, although I supported many of his foreign policy measures. And I was no fan of Mitt Romney. So I became disillusioned for the most part and didn't even end up voting for either one. 

But those years in college had had a profound effect on me. I realized for once that the mainstream media all seemed to tell the same story. And there were topics that were important to me but were never discussed. So I began doing more of my own research. I sought sources that examined issues I found interesting.

A year later, I took a semester off to be a campaign manager for a Democratic political candidate in Virginia—a family member, in fact. Someone who had known me forever and respected my political mind, despite some of our disagreements. He was running in a very red district, one where the last Democrat had lost by 12 points.

Election night came and we felt great. We had been out-campaigning the opponent and making inroads in the community. It felt like we were making progress. But our opponent refused to debate us and it was tough to really tell where we stood. We knew the odds were against us. We had done a few internal polls but they were all over the map. 

We lost by five points. I honestly haven't looked back at the results since that night. We had done well but were disappointed. He and I had poured everything into that campaign.

In the next few months, I had little to do at home until my next semester at college. I worked a part-time job and read a lot. And I found myself getting interested in issues that I had never really looked into before. 

The JFK Assassination and 9/11 Showed Me the True Nature of Government

The Kennedy assassination was when everything really changed for me. I had never learned much about it, and the little about it that was presented in high school and college was about the Warren Commission's report and how Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole killer. There was never any education or discussion about alternative theories for who killed him and why. There was little discussion about the CIA, their motivations and possible role. And even less about LBJ. 

All one needs to do is read the many witness reports of that day to began doubting the official narrative. Many heard multiple shooters. Evidence of multiple shooters is truly abundant. Read about the Garrison investigation. And the many other independent ones. Read their respective conclusions. It seems the only people who concluded it was a lone shooter named Oswald were on the Warren Commission. 

I came away concluding that the assassination of JFK was nothing other than a coup. And one that LBJ and the CIA not only got away with, but covered up so much that the annals of history barely even accuse them of involvement. Because at the time, many in the public did. But history is written by the victors…

After researching the JFK assassination, I started looking into other issues, as well, and came across many prominent people who doubted the official story of 9/11. There is a reason why there is so much smoke around these two still-burning fires. 

This one was personal for me. My dad was in New York City when 9/11 happened. And my grandfather had lost a leg in Vietnam. So the attackers not only maddened me for endangering my father, but the subsequent justification for the War in Iraq maddened me because I know personally the toll that war takes on our citizens. 

And now we know conclusively of Saudi Arabia's involvement and the likelihood that the towers were brought down deliberately through controlled demolition. This attack was used to go into Iraq, which was all about oil and their independence from the Federal Reserve. 

But I don't want to get lost in the details of JFK or 9/11. I'm not interested in convincing anyone of what happened there. Check out the Mother Jones timeline on how we get into Iraq if you want details.

Asking Questions Is Our Right as Humans

My discovery of the preponderance of contradictory evidence against the official narrative for these two massively important historical events had seeded a deep foundation of distrust in the government for me. One that I'm glad I have formed. And proudly have fostered.

This distrust should be encouraged. We don't need more people who defend the official narrative that the government and mainstream media put out.

We need more people to question it. 

Just research Operation Northwoods, Project Mockingbird, Gulf of Tonkin, the Nayirah testimony and so on. The government lies repeatedly, and the media obediently repeats them. 

You won't hear about most of these lies from the mainstream media, though. They rarely admit error, unless clearly caught. They focus attention elsewhere, and they do so effectively. As a result, most people won't believe something that isn't on CNN or Fox News.  

Mainstream validation of a story comforts one to know he's not alone. It makes one think that even if he's wrong, many will be wrong with him. Most fear believing something that is the minority opinion. Most fear going against the grain. 

So I will go against it for you…


What is your initial reaction?

My guess: fear.

Maybe you started thinking about washing your hands. Maybe you started thinking about social distancing. Maybe you thought about isolation and staying at home. 

If I'm right then the government is doing well. It's all about narrative control. They work hard to program these reactions to this topic. 

Consider This Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

The mainstream media has promoted fear and anxiety about this for months now. They have a running death count on the screen. Did we have this type of coverage for the flu two years ago when tens of thousands died? Or for the swine flu outbreak during Obama's first term that killed up to 575,000 around the world (according to the World Health Organization)?

At the time of writing, COVID has killed 200,000 fewer people and that's assuming the death count isn't wildly inflated (there are many reasons to think that it is).

The answer is no: We didn't have the same coverage. The media has reported on the flu, but exponentially less than the nonstop total coverage of COVID-19. And they sure as hell didn't whip everyone into mass hysteria about it. 

The Coronavirus Is Being Exploited to Get Donald Trump Out

This is a manufactured crisis. One without basis. The death rate of COVID is likely the same as the seasonal flu. Read Dr. Fauci's own words in the New England Journal of Medicine. He says the death rate could be considerably less than one percent. 

The goals here are to take away freedom, increase surveillance and normalize mandatory medicine. Another coincidental effect is the taking down of Donald Trump, who, love him or hate him, has gone against the powers that be in many situations. Opting out of the World Health Organization was a recent, relevant and noteworthy example. 

The mainstream media and "The Deep State" would love to get rid of him. Just read recent declassified info about the FBI and the Russia investigation. 

There has been an effort to get Trump out of office since before he was even inaugurated. I loved Obama for years, but he clearly was spying on the Trump campaign. Read newly declassified info about Carter Page. 

And then we had the impeachment. That all started with a member of the intelligence community. This has been going on since the beginning.


The Significance of Event 201

I don't think this is just about Trump, though. I think this is a distraction from other news stories, especially Jeffrey Epstein and people connected to him—a story that has been hidden and downplayed even before Epstein's death. Check out Amy Robach's leaked footage about that. 

And this brings us to Bill Gates. This man is at the forefront of the COVID-19 fearmongering. Convenient that, despite his connections to Epstein, he has gotten no media questions on their relationship and meetings. Nobody is asking why he was friends with Epstein. In fact, after The New York Times published its article about Gates and Epstein, the timeline in regards to Gates and COVID gets very interesting.

Six days after the article, Event 201 happened. If you don't know about this, then the mainstream media is doing a good job. Event 201 was a "pandemic exercise" that was put on by Johns Hopkins, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was attended by none other than Dr. Fauci.

This exercise was to develop public-private partnerships in the event of a severe pandemic. What did they choose to hypothetically prepare for? 

A novel coronavirus.

A couple quick notes: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated over 60 million dollars to Johns Hopkins. They gave $20 million in 2000 to create the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health. Then they gave another $40 million in 2003. 

So when you see any numbers out of JHU on COVID-19, just keep that in mind. (Also, Bill Gates is an agenda contributor to the World Economic Forum.) And, important to know, Bill Gates has repeatedly discussed population control, most notably in his TED Talk.

And now he has been caught sterilizing foreign populations in vaccine programs that he's funded and supported. He's worked with the United Nations on this as well. 

His foundation gave the United Nations Population Fund a whopping 2.2 billion dollars in 1999. So he founded an Institute for Population at Johns Hopkins, and funded the United Nations Population Fund with billions. 

All the while, he has worked on and funded hundreds of vaccines. Please check out Robert Kennedy Jr.'s articles on this. The evidence that Bill Gates has already successfully slowed population growth is indisputable.

The Link Between Bill Gates’ Foundation and Vaccines

But now we have a manufactured crisis that is leading to a big push for a mandatory vaccine for COVID-19. This is from someone who not only wants fewer people in the world, but from someone who wants digital identification to be intertwined with vaccines. 

The program ID2020 was launched in September of 2019, a month before Event 201. The pilot program was in Bangladesh and is designed to create a digit identity for everyone. This has recently been promoted by Bill Gates, who has advocated for this digital certification process to record who's been vaccinated so we can "safely" return to work and society. 

A month later, two days before Event 201, the Gates Foundation pledged $5 million to support a trial to evaluate pregnancy deferral and reduce adverse first pregnancy outcomes (like birth) in rural Bangladesh. This ties in perfectly with ID2020. 

Two months after that, Gates tweeted, "I'm particularly excited about what 2020 could mean for one of the best buys in global health: vaccines."

And a month after that, the World Health Organization announced a public emergency over the outbreak of COVID-19. Guess what? Bill Gates funds the W.H.O. too.


Question the Dominant Narratives

I write this all out of concern and love for my fellow humans. I write this because I want everyone to have all the information. I want people to research all of these topics, and to begin distrusting the government and mainstream media as much as I do. 

Because they don't have your best interest at heart. They couldn't care less. This is all about control. After 9/11, the expansion of surveillance took off with the Patriot Act. 

Because of COVID-19, surveillance is only increasing. 

Freedoms are being stripped away. People are being forced to stay in their homes. They're not being allowed to assemble and worship. A precedent for lockdowns and shutdowns is being created. We need to respond. Keep an open mind moving forward. Pay attention to what policies are being pushed in response to this pandemic. Follow the money. 

Don't believe the narrative that the government and mainstream media are repeating.

And don't listen to Bill Gates about COVID-19.

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